Identify the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck.

Learn how to love yourself better.

Make transformational shifts in your life through releasing those old wounds.

Create new rituals around your spirituality. Or find a new spirituality that makes sense to you.

Learn new techniques and practices around self healing.

If any of those things resonate with you and you’d like to learn more, let’s connect! I create a sacred space between myself and you, giving you compassion around I also speak the truth and believe that in order to truly heal, we must be willing to hear difficult but freeing things. Rest assured, I will always do this in love and non-judgment.

You can work with me through the following options:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions (over phone, in person, or through Skype).
  • Online Happy Whole Circles (once a month via Zoom)
  • In person workshops in Chicago (TBA)

Cara Ansis is a Self-Love Facilitator and healer, helping women safely enter their own inward journey towards taking better care of themselves. With a master’s degree in Soul Care, she is a certified Spiritual Director and has had the privilege of working with countless women around the country. With her own profound story of self-healing, she now teaches those everyday techniques, rituals, and tools to enable other women connect with their own healing abilities and radically transform their lives. Cara lives in Chicago, IL with her husband, Matt and their son, Jaxon.