Who We Are

Who We Are

We are two friends: Rachael and Cara. We met in our mid-20s in grad school back in 2004. We were studying a combination of psychology, philosophy and theology in a program called Spiritual Formation (with an emphasis in Soul Care). That program was the beginning of a decade long unraveling for us both, as we rebuilt our spiritual foundation. It was no wonder that we both were immediately drawn to each other as we were dissecting the lives we once knew. Together we have been on a 15+ year journey to awaken our hearts, evolving and exploring separately, but somehow always on a parallel plane. We are so happy to watch this partnership form as we create the path for you as you find your very own HAPPY WHOLE WAY.

Rachael Lund has been a spiritual communicator for over two decades and has personally inspired hundreds of people to embrace and love who they are. She is known as a Compassionate healer who works with large groups of people and also dives deep in 1:1 settings.  She has had careers working in the non-profit world, churches, and higher education but is ECSTATIC to be branching off on her own to bring her light into the world. Rachael is a Taurus | Leo Rising, ENFJ, enneagram 9, and superstar empath. She is wildly gifted with clairsentience + claircognizance, knowing just where to lead someone in their next steps.

Rachael has been speaking to large groups and coaching in a 1:1 setting for almost 20 years.  She is well-versed at leading women into the deeper parts of themselves, and has done so with 100+ women.  Everyone is drawn to her warmth and non-judgemental demeanor.  She can feel others’ emotions in her own body in a profound way (clairsentience) and often has knowledge of the root of an issue long before anyone else is aware (claircognizance).   She has been praised as a wise voice who offers a safe space to unravel in her deeply compassionate presence.  If you’d like to work with Rachael, check out her offerings here.

Rachael currently lives in Denver CO with her husband Caleb, and their two children, Rosalyn and Levi. You can always find her cleaning some nook + cranny of her house.

Self care ritual: Hot bath with lavender salt

Book that impacted me the most: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Mantra I’m known for: “Accept it as though you chose it.”

Fun fact: I’ve lived in 10 different cities in the last 20 years.

Cara Ansis is a gifted energetic healer, helping women safely enter their own inward journey towards taking better care of themselves. With a master’s degree in Soul Care, she is a certified Spiritual Director and has had the privilege of working with countless women around the country. With her own profound story of a deep spiritual awakening and self-healing, she now teaches those everyday techniques, rituals, and tools to enable other women to connect with their own healing abilities and radically transform their lives. Cara is a Scorpio | Leo rising, ENFP, Enneagram 6, and empath. She is gifted with clairaudience + clairsentience, allowing her intuition to truly lead her in her sessions.

Cara has been mentoring and coaching in a group and 1:1 setting for almost 25 years.  She began at the age of 17 in the youth ministry world, working with junior high students, and has since then become a leader among women. She desires to invite women to see themselves in a kinder, less aggressive way.  People are drawn to her incredible intuition to correctly tune into someone’s energy instantly. She has a daily spiritual practice of balancing and adjusting her own energy so that she can bring the best work into any session she does. If you’d like to work with her, check out her offerings here.

Cara is originally from southern California but now happily lives in Chicago, IL with her husband, Matt and their son, Jaxon.

Self care ritual: Journaling in my sacred space

Book that has impacted me the most: The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello + Care of the Soul by Thomas Moore

Mantra I’m known for: “Isn’t that interesting?”

Fun fact: I’m a published cookbook author.


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