What We Believe

What We Believe

photo by Andrea Plecko

 We are passionate about teaching two main principles:

1). WE ARE SPIRITUAL BEINGS WITH THE SOURCE OF LIFE WITHIN US! People call this many things: the Divine, God, Higher Consciousness, etc. No matter what name you use, this Source is within YOU! You are an eternal spiritual being, you’re just having a human experience right now, and your connection to that eternal part of you is within.

2). THE SOURCE IS WITHIN, SO THE ANSWERS ARE FOUND WITHIN. There is no external fix like a secret juice, diet, book, or guru that has the answers. Only internal solutions will fix internal problems. The Magic is inside us. By connecting to our bodies we can find, listen to, and trust the answers that are already within. Through listening to our intuition, we learn how to become our own healer.

We believe that healing does not mean “curing” or making perfect. It never fully resolves all conflict. Life will not be trouble-free or without its moments of darkness. Healing simply asks us to abandon any ideas of what we thought “living successfully” was. It asks us to let go and shift our perspective about who we are.

We believe that we have to get radically honest and take personal responsibility for our healing. We prefer real talk; getting down to what’s REALLY going on, and being 100% honest with ourselves and others!

We believe that we should take a softer approach to developing a relationship with ourselves; one that does not involve harsh motivational pep talks or denying our feelings. It’s an approach that does not repress, reject, or deny any parts of ourselves; instead embraces them. Self-hatred no longer serves us and we gratefully release it.

We believe that we deserve to take good care of ourselves on a daily basis. We honor all five parts of ourselves (physical, emotional, mental, relationship and spiritual) because a life not focusing on the WHOLE-istic picture is a life out of balance. This comes in a millions forms from how we choose to eat, move our bodies, talk to ourselves, place nurturing structures to honor our relationships, acknowledge our spiritual nature, and respect our emotions when they arise.

We believe that we must make space to reconnect to our Source within. We find solace in moments of silence and take comfort in creating our own meaningful spiRITUALS™ that deeply enrich our lives.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not affiliate ourselves with any brand of thought or religious dogma. We follow our own logic mixed with intuition, and desire to teach you to do the same. We believe we are all spiritual beings with the Source of Life within us. To learn more about us, read this.