I came to this event hoping for more connection with myself, insight, and inspiration. I left with renewed trust in myself, hope and connection to a wonderful community of fellow travelers. Tears, laughter, healing and happiness- I will definitely be at the next one!


I walked in to the healing circle and expected to relax and connect with other women. What I didn’t know was that I would have a major breakthrough healing session that felt so personal and powerful even though there were other women in the room. At first we were handed readings that Cara had taken time and energy to write out. Everything in that reading was accurate 1000%. It was exactly what I needed to be confirmed for myself but it was cool that Cara with her intuitive abilities was able to see it too… We were then given the space to honor the parts of ourselves that we fight (which I found to really help). Even a week after the workshop it is still on my mind. If you are looking to change or see things in yourself that have been unclear or need to change go to their healing circles. Your life will change! 


Working with Cara is life-changing. Prior to my sessions with her I spent a year in and out of various therapy and coaching relationships, trying to find the answers and none of them stuck until Cara. The nature of her sessions is truly explorative and something about the way she got me to look at my life helped me to finally see myself. Her talents are incredible, and I would recommend her 1000x over to anyone and everyone who needs help getting unstuck. 


Rachael has an incredible way of creating space to be open, vulnerable, and content with where you are at right in this moment. She helps peel back my layers to understand who I am, why I act and react the way I do, and how I can take steps toward loving myself. She is an extreme empath in the best sense of the word and shows love, care, and understanding in all that she does. Rachael has changed my life!


Thank you again for last Saturday! That was incredibly special, and I’m so grateful to have met you and those other brave women. And the reading Cara did – wow, that meant so much to me that words can’t express. With love and kindness.


I’ve been in such gratitude to Cara + Rachael for creating an incredibly sacred space to heal.  The women who were called to attend our event were held with such love it made it easy to unfold and be vulnerable.  I tapped into a space within myself that was ready to emerge, be seen and healed.  I felt safe, seen, heard and validated and loved for being me.   Thank you! 


From the welcome [of the event], I was at ease and ready to allow myself to receive for the following two hours.  Healing can take many shapes and forms.  For me, that day, healing began through hugs, smiles, tears, and the gentle voices that encouraged me through the process.  Sometimes looking forward into the future that we want to create for ourselves can be difficult.  Cara + Rachael created the space for that healing to begin and allow each and every woman there to take the first step.


There’s something to be said about scheduling a weekly phone date with someone you’ve never met in person so you can tell them your deepest darkest worries and desires. Cara is truly a gem and I am beyond grateful for her support, her guidance, her “wooooah” moments of clarity she offered and really, her friendship. I cannot recommend her programs enough – looking forward to more!


Rachael has an amazing gift for creating a safe and welcome space for me to share and be myself. She is a ‘judgment-free zone” personified. As I’ve met with her I’ve gained some of the truest wisdom and insights about my life that I call upon in times of need. Rachael’s uncanny ability to speak spot-on truth to me in a safe and gentle way is what keeps me returning to our sessions. In the time I’ve worked with Rachael, she has taught me to be more comfortable with who I am, to ask myself what I can be learning when situations feel difficult, and to be present to my feelings. I highly recommend sessions with Rachael if you are looking for new truth and perspective in your life.


I am so thankful for the one on one time Cara dedicated to me. Our sessions are still helping me. Cara has helped me see things in a different perspective, to care for myself and to be kinder to myself so I can care better for and be kinder to others, and mainly, she has helped me to “recalculate” the road I was taking so now I am on my way to living my life the way I was created to live it: happy, healthy, peaceful.