Tree Visualization (for releasing + letting go)

Tree Visualization (for releasing + letting go)

This tree visualization is a beautiful spiRITUAL for those days where you need to let go, release, and ease back into the moment. It is also a great grounding ritual to connect you back to Mother Earth. Do this visualization when you need to get aligned back to heart’s center.

This is something you can do ANYWHERE.  If you can walk outside and stand next to a tree it will certainly help you get in the head space quickly, but there have been plenty of times I’ve escaped to a bathroom stall at work in the middle of a stressful meeting to do this quick ritual and it always worked!

Find somewhere where you can stand tall and strong. 

  1. Plant your feet shoulder width apart and imagine each leg going into the ground like a strong tree trunk.  If you are unable to stand for some reason, then you can stay in a seated position with your feet touching the ground.  
  1. Once you feel firmly grounded, then imagine roots coming out of your feet connecting you to the earth and going deep into the ground. 

Bring to mind whatever is troubling you.

  1. Now that you are firmly rooted to the earth, imagine your body as a tree trunk that is filled with your thoughts and feelings like tiny bits of sand. 
  1. Imagine your thoughts are like sand in an hourglass, slowly draining out of the top of your head and into your shoulders, then into your chest, torso, pelvis, legs, and finally out the bottom of your feet into the ground below.
  1. As you’re imagining your thoughts drain continue to take deep breaths. In and out. Inhale and exhale. 

Take a Moment to Pause and Reflect.

  1. Do you feel lighter as these thoughts make their way into the earth?  If not, do another 2 or 3 clearings from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.  
  1. Make sure every last bit of stressful sand is out of your tree trunk. 
  1. When you feel your body at peace you are ready to move on.

Thank the earth.

  1. Thank the earth for accepting your thoughts and feelings.  
  1. Thank the earth for the power she has to transmute what is toxic and waste to your soul into something that will be able to fertilize life itself.  
  1. You may even way to imagine these dark thoughts and feelings slowly lighting up the earth beneath you as they are transmuting into light right before your very eyes.

Sacred Intention

When I finish a ritual like this I don’t want the peace to be contained just to this time, I want to begin to extend it into all hours of my day so I like to repeat a sacred intention. 

Choose one or more below that connect to you and say them out loud while you place your hands on your heart.

  • I do not need to bottle up my thoughts and feelings. I am easily able to let them go.
  • Thoughts and feelings are able to move through my body and system and drain out when they no longer serve me.
  • I only hold onto that which is for my highest good. 
  • I am like a mighty tree that is firmly grounded and rooted on earth.  I am strong and not swayed when things assail me.
  • It is not my responsibility to “fix” myself.  I can trust Life to uphold me and transmute whatever is not for my good.

So be it.