A Shower Meditation

A Shower Meditation

Following along the lines of Creating a Bath Ritual, for those of you who might not 1). Have a tub; 2). Like taking baths; or even 3). Don’t have the time often enough to take a bath, here is a shower meditation that you might like.

Remember how I said that your own self care routine doesn’t have to be about adding new things? Rather, it can be about taking the things that you normally do and infusing them with intention and meaning. This is what it means to slow down; what it means to be mindful about the life you are already living; what it means to show up to your life. You don’t need a “do over” button or erase everything that already goes on in your routine. You might need to downsize but overall, creating a mindful life can be done within a task you already perform everyday, like taking a shower.

A Shower Meditation

1. Turning the water on:

As you walk into the shower, imagine that the water represents white light, surrounding and enveloping you into beauty, love, and protection. Maybe start off with an affirmation or mantra, like:

  • I take great care of and love my body. It is my temple and I treat it with respect.
  • I take time to nourish my whole self.
  • Every day, in every way I get to know my authentic self.

As you stand under the water, take a few deep breaths. In and out. Inhale. Exhale.

2. Take a moment to pause and reflect.

Start to observe what you experience. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. How am I feeling right now?
  2. Where does my body need some extra care?
  3. What do I need today? (physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally)

Really listen to the answers.* Remember your shower meditation is for YOU. Go wherever you want to go with this. Make note of what you need and in this moment, make a plan for the day. If you are feeling sad, create a plan around how you are going to make yourself smile. Find ways that you can gift yourself what it is that you need.

*If this is your first time asking your body questions, be gentle on yourself. This is a skill that you develop over time so just thank yourself in the moment for even taking the opportunity to listen. Above all else, trust your intuition. We usually know the answers, we just second guess ourselves.

3. Try to slow down and be mindful.

Start cleaning your body and with every area that you touch, send that body part love. Thank it for all the work it does on your behalf, even without you having to ask for any of it. If that particular part is in pain, ask of it what it needs.

4. Turning off the water.

When you are ready to be done, end your shower with a prayer or closing ritual. It can just be a simple “Thank you” to yourself, to God/Universe/Divine, or even repeating your original affirmation. Take a deep breath in. Turn the water off. Exhale.

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