Setting Monthly Intentions

Setting Monthly Intentions

The idea behind Setting Monthly Intentions is simple: Make space for yourself to plan ahead your month and how you want to approach it. Create a monthly ritual around this where you sit down with your favorite journal and set of colorful pens and allow yourself to dream about how you want to go into the next month and where you want your focus to be on.

You can approach Setting Monthly Intentions three different ways:

1 Make a list of actual goals you’d like to accomplish. This can be divided into different areas that you want to address in your life, like Spirituality, Self Care, Nutrition, Professional, etc. Create small goals you want to work towards in each area.

2. Instead of goals, you can create words that you want to focus on for the month. It’s best to keep this to one, two max. Less is more here.

3. A combination of both.

Try not to to overwhelm yourself with too many things to focus on. By downsizing and keeping your focus small, you are enabling yourself to not only stay more clear throughout the month but also to better succeed.

photo by Andrea Plecko

When Setting Monthly Intentions Can Be Beneficial

1. You want to become more mindful in your life.

2. During those times when you feel out of focus and unbalanced.

3. You have a big project or a certain goal you want to attain.

4. You are trying to incorporate new self care ideas into your routine.

5. You are growing in your life in a certain area and you want to maximize on the growth.

6. Just because.

Just remember, if you don’t accomplish all you set out for with setting monthly intentions, put that in your Month in Review (a beautiful practice that complements this). Be okay with imperfection and maybe you can channel that into next month’s intention setting. The goal is to never punish ourselves but to stay curious and gently shift things around, making more room for compassion and kindness.