Senses Hike for Clarity

Senses Hike for Clarity

When you are lost in your thoughts and can’t seem to connect to your intuition when making a decision, try this Senses Hike for Clarity. one of the best things you can do for yourself when you feel unclear about something is to head outside.  The act of grounding with the Earth’s energy, as well as being fully alert and mindful of what is going on around you, will wake up your heart and help shut down the mind.  Before you begin your walk ask your intuition to speak with you and send you a message. Stay alert and pay attention to all your senses as you walk.

Here are the things to be aware of as you take this 4 senses hike for clarity:

1|4: Sense of Sound

Do you hear city sounds? Animals? Wind? Water rushing? Your own breath? 

2|4: Sense of Touch

How does the wind feel on your face? Is the sun hot on your skin? Is the air sticky or dry? 

3|4:Sense of Smell:

Do you smell things blooming? DO you smell plants, flowers, animals, or other life? Do you smell things decaying? What do these smells bring up for you?

4|4:Sense of Sight:

Is anything immediately drawing your eye? If so what about it is attracting you? Or repelling you? Does it have a message for you? Did an animal cross your path? If so what does that animal make you feel? What are it’s strengths? Is this something you are looking for in your life? Does it have a message for you? 

As you are finishing your hike ask your heart what it wants you to know.  What message(s) did Mother Earth have for you today?