Morning Gratitude (with a cup of coffee)

Morning Gratitude (with a cup of coffee)

Coming up with rituals and everyday practices to awaken your spirit and connect you deeper to your body shouldn’t always remove you out of your life. In fact, these rituals should be able to complement your daily tasks as simple add-ons. Find ways to enhance what is already there, to bring intention and meaning into sometimes the menial tasks. For Morning Gratitude, all you need is a cup of coffee (or tea or lemon water or whatever you already normally drink upon rising).

This takes just 5 minutes to complete. And since you are already going to drink your coffee, simply add this new practice of gratitude alongside of it.

A Morning Gratitude Exercise:

1. Sit holding the cup in your hands.

Pause. Take a deep breath in. Smell the coffee and thank what you are about to drink. Thank it for being a part of your daily routine.

2. Take a sip.

As you feel the warmth going down your throat, start thanking your body for doing what it naturally does. For the sleep you got last night and how it knows instinctively to shut it all down. To be able to wake up right now. Even for the ability to hold the cup you are grasping. Thank your body for doing even the smallest tasks without her ever being asked.

3. Pause.

Think about what your day is going to be like today. Thank God, the Universe, the Divine for giving you this day to be alive. Because the more we give space for gratitude and being mindful of the beautiful gift of being alive, the richer our lives can become. Thank the Divine for those invitations to learn, love, and lean in again and again. Every moment is a gift, just like that.

4. Focus your attention on one area you desire to be grateful more for today.

That difficult person at the office? The lost family member? Your family, that you get frustrated with so often? Ask yourself how are you going to show up for them with gratitude today? How are you going to see that they are your teachers, asking you to go deeper in seeing your true self? How can you give yourself the space to explore that?

And take another sip.

Repeat until you have run out of things to be grateful for or at least you are done with your coffee.