Meeting Your Needs (+ FREE Worksheet)

Meeting Your Needs (+ FREE Worksheet)

One of the core principles of meeting your needs is the fact that YOU are actually the Source. Everything you are looking for is actually already inside of yourself. Here is an exercise (with a free worksheet) to help you figure out exactly HOW you are the Source and how you can begin meeting your needs:

1|3: Get specific about what you want.

Be honest with your goals. What are you ultimately after? Write it down. You can use this free printable worksheet (taken from our Online Course workbook) to help you.

2|3: Identify the emotion you’re actually after.

We set goals typically thinking that through the attainment of them, we become happy, fulfilled, acknowledged, etc. But did you know that it’s really NOT the goal we seek but the feeling we think it’ll bring us that we ultimately want? For example: “I want a successful job” might actually = I want to feel secure in life, I want to be seen and recognized, etc.

If we have what we need, then we just need the goal to help us access and activate what we already have inside of us. This is why so many people are disappointed when they get what they set out to get and still feel unhappy. They put the emphasis on the thing to fulfill them without acknowledging that there is nothing external of themselves that can give them what they ultimately need.

3|3: Make a list of the ways you can give yourself that emotion.

Once you’ve identified the emotion you’re after, start finding ways to give yourself that. Security might look like daily grounding, meditation, affirmations, therapy. Acceptance might look like shadow work, loving kindness, breathing techniques. Get creative and do this daily. 

By the time you’ve reached your goal, you’ve already set in motion a plan to give yourself what it is you actually need. The accomplished goal is now just an added benefit because you’ve figured out a way to meet your actual needs without external validators. Well done. You’ve just unleashed your inner power!

Download your free printable worksheet here (taken from our incredible Online Course workbook).