Mantra for Self Betrayal

Mantra for Self Betrayal

We can betray ourselves in the simplest ways without realizing it, adhering to the demands and principles of others that contradict our own desires and needs without even thinking about it. And we do this because we are deeply motivated to:

  • fit in
  • belong
  • be loved
  • keep the peace.

Before we know it, we realize we’ve betrayed ourselves by not honoring our needs. How to know that you are participating in self betrayal:

  • You become resentful without having expressed your needs.
  • You are more concerned of others (their needs, opinions, etc).
  • You consider first what others think of you vs. what will make you happy.
  • You participate in activities that you do not enjoy on a daily basis in order to make someone else happy.

If you have been realizing that this is you, this mantra for self betrayal can be of benefit to repeat:

This is especially potent during those moments where you feel like self betrayal is creeping in. Let it be a reminder to you that you don’t have to fade into the background in order to let someone else share your space. You matter too!