How to Use Crystals for Self Healing

How to Use Crystals for Self Healing

I love to incorporate all of my senses into my self care and spirituality routines. I believe that by doing so, it creates a more balanced, whole person. One of the things I have fallen in love with has been the use of crystals. Not only are they beautiful, offering energy and power to my sacred space, they have also been formative in my healing journey. So here are five of my favorite ways on how to use crystals for self healing:

5 Ways on How to Use Crystals for Self Healing:

1. Carry around in my pocket.

This was what I started out doing when I first got into crystals. I would use a crystal that provided what I needed in that particular moment. For example, if I was feeling down on myself, I would place rose quartz in the pocket of my jeans. So every time I would put my hands in my pocket, my fingers would meet the crystal and be reminded to pray or repeat a mantra. This subtle practice actually kept an act of self love in forefront of my mind. I would remind myself that I was loved and actually allowed me to come back into mindfulness with each contact.

2. Use to align my chakras.

When I am feeling like a particular chakra is out of balance, I will lie down with my coordinating crystals. I will line up each crystal to the seven chakras and remain still. I usually will do a meditation or visualization for 5-10 minutes, imagining loving light to be given to a particular chakra*

*If you are unfamiliar with the chakras and would like an in-depth knowledge on how it truly can transform your life, I’d recommend two of my favorite books: The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss and Eastern Mind, Western Body by Anodea Judith.

3. Hold in my hand during meditation.

Depending on what I am feeling and what I need in that moment, I will choose a corresponding crystal that fits my needs during mediation. Some of my favorites are Rose Quartz, for self love, and Hematite, for grounding. Even the simple focus of stroke of the crystal between your fingers for several minutes can bring you back to your body and create in you a state of mindfulness.

4. Scatter around my sacred space.

Crystals are just magical with how truly beautiful they are. They can be decoration or even meaningful in what they signify as you place them around your sacred space.

5. Energize your Moon Water with them.

Moon water is simply water that has been charged by the light of the moon. By adding various crystals to this spiRITUAL you are enriching your experience and intention. Follow this post for a tutorial on how to create your own moon water. It’s a routine I like to perform every full moon and it has been such a blessing to me.

However you use them, crystals can become a beautiful part of your daily rituals and spiritual practice. I’d love to hear how you use crystals for your self healing!