How to Identify Your Shadow

How to Identify Your Shadow

All this talk of Shadow Self still leaving you in the dark? Not quite sure what exactly ARE your shadows? This easy exercise below will help you on how to identify your shadow when you are uncertain of where to start.

Have you ever wondered why the things that might annoy one person has little to no effect on another? Or why you seem to attract the same kind of person in your life? If you always see angry people all around you, your shadow self has suppressed anger, even if you don’t feel angry. If everywhere you go, you are aware of sad people, then chances are that you are suppressing grief. Your shadow self will draw to you people who share the same shadow. In the same way, when someone irritates or annoys you, you can guarantee that it’s probably some form of projection of your own shadow that you have been repressing. Each time you find yourself giving in to these feelings of annoyance or irritation, instead ask yourself, “In what ways am I selfish, rude, etc.?”

Try looking at those experiences as opportunities for growth, self-knowledge, and self-awareness.  Open yourself up to meeting your shadow self head on.  Welcome her because once you learn to accept her presence, her power to irritate and fluster you begins to fade away. You might also find that one of the main reasons you feel “stuck” in life is simply because you have been fighting yourself (your shadow) and once you accept her, life begins to flow smoothly again. 

3 Questions on How to Identify Your Shadow:

 1|3: What are the attributes in others that really irritate or upset you?

2|3: Can you identify what bodily sensations come up when you experience someone with this type of attribute? Do you find yourself tensing up or clenching your jaw when something “irritating” is said? 

3|3: Why do you think these certain qualities are so bothersome to you?

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