Heart Chakra Moon Water

Heart Chakra Moon Water

Just what we are need a little more of: Heart Medicine. For those struggling with their hearts, whether it’s from :

  • grief
  • self-hatred
  • emotional blocks
  • stagnation in the heart

Whatever the cause, whatever the stem, this Heart Chakra moon water is just for you!

The moon is quite the energetic creature. She has the ability to create changes in the ocean tide and in behaviors of animals and humans. She is powerful! By charging your water by moonlight (even better if it is a full moon), you are infusing your water with that energy and power. You don’t have to use crystals if you do not want to. Remember to use whatever you have!

  1. Fill up a clean jar with fresh, filtered water. Cover it with a lid.
  2. Hold the jar in your hands, near your heart, and set your intentions (this is where the true magic is). This spiRITUAL is intended to help the healing of a weary heart so speak what you need most. Be honest. You can even write this down on a piece of paper, fold it and place under the jar if you want.
  3. Place the jar by a window or outside (as long as it’s not too cold out where the glass will shatter). Place a rose quartz either on top on the lid or simply next to the jar. Charge overnight by the moon’s energy.
  4. Once you wake the next morning, hold the jar close to your heart again, eyes closed. Take a couple of deep breaths in and out. Drink the water, remembering your intentions. Place your hands at heart center after you have finished drinking, thanking the moons and water for their healing.