Finding Balance

Finding Balance

There is a misconception of this notion of finding balance in our lives that tends to permeate our minds. We think it is:

  • Doing it all with ease, peace, and comfort
  • Being an expert on how to juggle everything
  • An actual “sweet spot” to live from
  • Being in tune with and able to vocalize my needs at all times
  • Constantly in the state of feeling grounded

This is why we get upset with ourselves when life throws us a curve ball and we get off kilter. We think that finding balance stays with us and it finally creates stability. The truth is, finding balance is more about constantly shifting and re-evaluating.

What Finding Balance Really Is

1|5: Taking responsibility for bringing our thoughts back from fear into love.

Finding balance isn’t about being able to keep our thoughts from never worrying or experiencing anything negative again. It’s about taking responsibility of our thoughts (understanding and managing them) and being able to notice when we are entering into fear and being able to gently bring them back into to love, again and again.

2|5: An ongoing practice of checking within.

As we develop more of a relationship with ourselves, we realize this is a daily practice. We honor and maintain the 5 components of self care and acknowledge that this is an ongoing practice.

3|5: Knowing the path back when life gets out of whack (because it will).

We begin to find the practices and spiRITUALS that remind us to re-center and re-align when things get out of whack. And guess what? We expect it to happen too because we have a new understanding of life and how it is always shifting and changing.

4|5: Learning and relearning when and what to say no to.

Balance means learning the ways we can create boundaries in our lives that are actually helpful in honoring ourselves. And then re-evaluating and adding more when needed.

5|5: Identifying our needs as they come, knowing they will change.

Our needs are constantly shifting depending on the people and circumstances we are surrounded by. Finding balance is about being able to start the process of identifying our basic foundational needs and then being able to apply them in our lives so that we can come back to balance.