Creating a Bath Ritual

Creating a Bath Ritual

By setting our intentions inward, we can add meaning into even the most ordinarily simple tasks, like taking a bath. This is how self care can be done on a time budget. By adding the meaning into the menial. When you create something like a bath ritual, you are declaring to yourself, your family, and the Universe that YOU MATTER TOO. That you are making the space in your life to show up for yourself.

Here are 4 Tips on how to create a bath ritual:

1. Create a mood.

  • music
  • lighting
  • candles
  • glass of wine
  • a favorite book
  • incense
  • Buddha or spiritual statues/symbolisms
  • crystals

Remember that you can skip this section altogether. This is about creating a bath ritual that speaks to YOU so if you are a purist and just want water, simply don’t add the extras.

2. Choose your add-ins:

A way to make this bath ritual feel decadent and pampering is through the selection of one (or all or none) of these add-ins:

  • Bubbles
  • bath salt
  • dried flowers
  • herbal tea
  • epsom salt
  • bath bombs
  • lavender
  • glitter (okay, maybe not but you get the gist. Do what makes you happy!)

3. Create your focus.

Once the mood has been set and you have added in all the elements to create a meaningful ritual, focus your attention on what you want this time to be about. Don’t skip this step. It’s the most important one! What are your intentions for the next 10-20 minutes? Do you want to spend this time in:

  • Gratitude
  • Sending your body love
  • End of day reflection
  • Beginning of day intention-setting
  • Prayer/Meditation
  • Focusing on breathing
  • Visualization
  • Repeating a mantra

Whatever you choose to make your bath ritual about, be intentional about it. Speak it out loud. Give yourself the permission to have this time and to explore whatever it is that you desire.

4. Closing up your bath ritual.

Just as you are intentional about the bath, be intentional about the end of it as well. Do something specific to signify that your ritual is over. It can be as simple as:

  • saying a prayer
  • pulling an oracle card (have a towel nearby to dry off hands)
  • saying thank you to the water as it drains
  • thanking yourself for showing up during that time
  • while drying off, go over what you are grateful for

Take with you into the remainder of your day the memory of what this bath ritual provided you. Remember that feeling and try adding it into different tasks you do on a daily basis.

Cara Ansis is a Self-Love Facilitator and healer, helping women safely enter their own inward journey towards taking better care of themselves. With a master’s degree in Soul Care, she is a certified Spiritual Director and has had the privilege of working with countless women around the country. With her own profound story of self-healing, she now teaches those everyday techniques, rituals, and tools to enable other women connect with their own healing abilities and radically transform their lives. Cara lives in Chicago, IL with her husband, Matt and their son, Jaxon.


  1. Baths are so healing! I’ve found when overwhelmed with stress and a racing mind, an epsom salt bath is what can calm me.

    1. They are so healing, right? Even when I have an upset stomach, I find the cure is a bath! I am so glad they speak to you as well <3