Build Your Own Abundance Bowls

Build Your Own Abundance Bowls

This is a basic how-to when you want to build your own Abundance Bowls for the things that are important to you at a particular time. Abundance Bowls are symbols for many things that you desire to manifest in your life. Think of them as your own personal declaration to the Universe/God/your own Divinity that you are serious and there is something you want and you’re gonna do everything in your power to get it.

Here is are the 5 basic steps on how to build your own Abundance Bowls:

1. Set an Intention.

Say a ritual prayer once you decide what your Abundance Bowl signifies. Honor it and yourself by setting your intentions for why you are doing this. You can create your Abundance Bowl for, though not limited to:

Love: For the person looking to add more love in terms of self love, intimacy within their existing relationship, attracting a soul mate, creating more friendships, or even building a community).

Spiritual: For the person looking to reconnect or even connect for the first time with a sense of faith, someone who has been struggling with her faith and needs a cosmic hug, or for that person who wants to take her faith to the next level.

Pregnancy: For those trying to build a family, this time can be stressful. Allow your desires to be spoken through your abundance bowl and any time worry comes upon you, use your bowl to calm your nerves. The Universe knows.

New Job: For the time in your life when you are ready for a new shift in your career. Maybe it’s a completely new area of focus or wanting a new position in your company. Whatever it is, change can be scary but this abundance bowl allows you to confidently state what it is that you want in your job.

Monetary: For the person looking to get out of debt, attract more money, and welcome more monetary abundance in her life.

2. Find a bowl or container.

Pick your favorite bowl (or buy one) and start filling! This container is going to be visible so you want something that is inspiring to look at.

3. Fill that bowl up with symbolic items.

Feel free to create your Abundance Bowls using but not limited to:

  • pictures that represent what it is that you desire from your intention
  • objects that are meaningful/spiritual for you
  • strips of paper that represent who you want to be
  • words that speak of your intentions
  • crystals that attract your desires
  • money or symbols of monetary abundance
  • spiritual writings
  • photos of self and/or loved ones

4. Set it out for a certain amount of time.

30, 45, 60 days, 6 months, you name it. Use as much time as you need. These are your own desires and intentions that you are manifesting, you have all the time in the world, baby. And you get to do it over and over as many times as you need.

5. Make sure you can visibly see it every day.

Remember that Abundance Bowls don’t contain all of the magic. YOU do. Think of them like visuals to remind you of what it is that you want and desire (which is why it’s so important that they remain in a spot that is visible to you every day). It should inspire you to work for that intention and to do the work needed to get there, while simultaneously calling on the Universe/God/Abundance gods/etc. to help you out.