Welcome, Sacred Sister. Welcome to your beautiful journey inward towards healing. We’ve been eagerly awaiting your arrival into the Sisterhood, a place where we believe that in order to be Happy and Whole, we must be willing to courageously look within and do the work required to be the best version of ourselves in this lifetime.

1. WE BELIEVE THAT in order to heal, we have to accept our personal responsibility and own it with deep compassion and love for ourselves. Self-hatred no longer serves us and we gratefully release it.

2. WE BELIEVE THAT we deserve to take good care of ourselves on a daily basis. This comes in the form of the food we choose to eat, how we move our bodies, how we talk to ourselves, and how we honor our emotions when they arise.

3. WE BELIEVE THAT by connecting to our Divine Feminine bodies, we can find, listen to, and trust the answers that are already within.

4. WE BELIEVE THAT we must make space for our souls to grow and stretch. We find solace in moments of silence and take comfort in creating our own meaningful rituals that deeply enrich our spirit.

5. WE BELIEVE THAT the ability to be happy and whole is already within. There is no secret juice, diet, or guru that has the answers. The magic is inside us.

I personally met myself on this healing journey a couple years ago. During this radically transformative time, I tapped into my own healing capabilities and learned how to profoundly love myself. I take good care of me now. I honor her body, her mind, her feelings, and her intuition. I feed her soul with meaningful spirituality and self love. I approach her with tenderness, compassion, and kindness–something that I could never do before.

I want to share the daily practices, rituals, and techniques that have led me to this place so that you too can become Happy and Whole. A place of contentment where you see yourself in a holistic way, embracing and delighting in every aspect of yourself. Simply through tuning within and trusting the Feminine Wisdom that already resides inside of you, you too can become wild and free.

It’s why I created Happy Whole Woman. For YOU.

So what do you say…

Are you ready to get honest with yourself?

Are you ready to take back your power?

Are you ready to say goodbye to fear, self doubt, criticism and self-hatred?

Are you ready to put aside looking for things outside yourself to cure, fix, alleviate, and even heal those things that plague you?

I welcome you into this sacred circle of women! A sisterhood committed to learning new ways to heal olds wounds, radically transforming our lives, and taking back our power.

Give yourself permission to go at your own pace as you commit to centering back into you and finding yourself, my Sacred Sister. Let me show you how…

Cara Ansis is a Self-Love Facilitator and healer, helping women safely enter their own inward journey towards taking better care of themselves. With a master’s degree in Soul Care, she is a certified Spiritual Director and has had the privilege of working with countless women around the country. With her own profound story of self-healing, she now teaches those everyday techniques, rituals, and tools to enable other women connect with their own healing abilities and radically transform their lives. Cara lives in Chicago, IL with her husband, Matt and their son, Jaxon.


  1. Daniela Dehtiar says:

    I’ve already learned SO much from you and can’t wait to learn even more!!! Cara, thank you for sharing !!

    1. Girl, the learning has been mutual. Thank YOU for being you and I am so grateful that our paths have crossed <3

  2. Looking forward to walking this journey with you. A labyrinth of self and a journey full of choices and self-love. Much love to you, dear friend.

    1. Hi beautiful friend! Thank you so much for this comment and for following along. I hope it brings to you all the love from yourself that you deserve. All my love <3

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