An Oracle Card Soulfirmation Spread

An Oracle Card Soulfirmation Spread

This Soulfirmation Spread is intended to be used for those moments when you have something weighing on your heart deeply and can’t seem to access the knowledge that is already within. We know that we already have all the answers within but there are times when it feels impossible to access them. Sometimes we are too close to an issue and need to take a step back. Pick up your favorite oracle card deck and use this spread as a means to get more clarity from inside.

What you’ll need:

  • your favorite oracle card deck
  • incense burning (optional)
  • alone time
  • relaxing playlist
  • an open heart + mind

How to use this oracle card “Soulfirmation” spread:

1|6: Set the mood.

Think about your senses: what can you hear, smell, touch, sense and taste? To set a mood, maybe you might want to think about:

  • Playing music softly in the background
  • Lighting some incense or a candle
  • Dimming the lights
  • Sitting on a cushion or wrapping yourself up in a blanket
  • Having a warm, nourishing drink on hand

2|6: Think about the issue you need help accessing the answers.

What has been weighing on your heart as of late that you need some guidance on? Remember that this Soulfirmation Spread is to be used as a means to consult your inner voice (the one who already has all of the answers). We are taking this moment to consult HER. So think about your question/issue and sit there for a brief moment to relax.

3|6: Create your intention.

Holding the deck next to your heart, set your intention. What are you looking for: clarity, direction, encouragement? Speak what you need in this moment.

4|6: Choose your 3 cards.

As you shuffle the cards, choose 3 you are most drawn to. Use whatever method feels right. Cutting the deck and picking the top three, finding the cards that you “feel” something with, or let them come to you. We usually find that the cards literally jump out but do what works for you.

Card 1: Where I am present moment: This card is revealing to you what is currently going on/where you are in the present moment.

Card 2: What is buried deep beneath: This is known as the subconscious. This card is showing you what is beneath what you might think it is, taking you deeper into the reality of the issue.

Card 3: What I’m being asked to invite in: This card is asking you to dive in, to release, to put on, to forgive–whatever it is, it is intended that by doing the thing, you are creating healing and resolution to the question you asked.

5|6: Spend time in contemplation.

Once you have completed your Soulfirmation Spread, spend a few moments in contemplation. How do you feel with what your soul is telling you? What are your next steps now? What do you need? You can even use this time to journal your thoughts.

6|6: Thank yourself for showing up.

Once you have completed your spiRITUAL, thank yourself for listening. Bow your head in gratitude and vow to yourself to take deep care of this issue. Snuff the candle or incense as a signal that you are done.