5 Components of Self Care

5 Components of Self Care

The 5 Components of Self Care:

We’ve narrowed down the components of self care into 5 important categories that we view as our WHOLE-istic selves. Through maintaining and honoring each area, we believe that we open up to a balanced and meaningful life. The following are what we view to be the 5 components of self care:

1|5: Spiritual: Realizing that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Anything pertaining to the care and fostering of spiritual health. This can be taking the time to pray, meditate, listen to music, or participate in meaningful spiRITUALS that enrich your own personal spirituality and/or faith. 

2|5: Physical: Learning to listen to and trust our own bodies.

Anything pertaining to the care and fostering of the physical body and form. This can be eating nourishing foods for what you body naturally craves, moving your body, getting rest, connecting to your body and listening to the messages, or even a treat, like a massage. 

3|5: Emotional: Finding the gifts and messages in our emotions.

Anything pertaining to the care and fostering of your emotional well-being. This can be learning the art of forgiveness, expressing your emotions in a healthy way, or even journaling for self expression.

4. Mental: Calming down our minds in order to find the “pause” so we can respond differently to self and others.

Anything pertaining to the care and fostering of the health of your mind. This can be meditation, learning how to deal with anxiety, resting, reading, or even a simple act of mindfulness.

5. Relational: Freeing up our relationships through the knowledge that we (and we alone) are responsible for our own happiness.

Anything pertaining to the relationships that we hold in our lives: With our partners, family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and even to ourselves. This can be boundary-setting, learning effective communication, or even shadow work.

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