1:1 Healing Sessions

1:1 Healing Sessions

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Location: Chicago, Virtual 
Services|Offerings: Energy Healing (for adults + kids), Teacher
Specialization: Energy Healing, Mind|Body Connection, Shadow Work, Self Healing, Messages in Emotions, Kids, Body Wisdom, Grief, Trauma
Education|Certifications: BA in Religion, Certified Spiritual Director, MA in Soul Care, Certification in Authentic Listening Skills
Sign: Scorpio sun, Leo rising
Self Care Ritual: Journaling in my sacred space
Book: The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello

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Cara’s Offerings:

Cara offfers a 25 minute Zoom call, focusing initially on what your main pain points are and what you feel is blocking you recently. Cara will then go into her sacred space alone, pick up messages from your energy field and will balance/adjust where she feels led to. After the remote session, you will receive an email with a detailed description of what happened + a beautiful list of rituals to bring into your life. $75/session

Location: Denver, Virtual 
Services|Offerings: 1:1 WHOLEistic Soul Care sessions, Teacher + Speaker
Specialization: Spirituality, Inner Child work, Deconstructing from a Belief System, Kids + Family, Love + Relationships, Trauma
Education|Certifications: BA in Religion, Certified Spiritual Director, MA in Soul Care, Certified Mediator
Sign: Taurus sun, Leo rising, ENFJ
Self Care Ritual: A hot bath with lavender salt
Book: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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Rachael’s In-Person + Remote Offerings:

Rachael offers 1:1 WHOLEistic Soul Care sessions that are individualized to your needs. She will help you identify the narratives that have been driving your life up until this point, what is keeping you stuck, and will gently guide you along the path of self healing. $75/ session

TAKE A DEEPER DIVE! This includes 4 soul-filled sessions, as well as guided assignments, and personalized rituals for you.  $275/ 4 sessions.